A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Bushel: Giving Thanks

As we close out November, I am giving thanks for my bushel of boys. We had a wonderful week, and I will share memories later on, but here are some "boy" stories that just made our week more full of laughter and smiles ...


The first thing out of his mouth when I suggested we say things that we are thankful for were "I am thankful for God's Creation." And that truly speaks of Jonah. A boy who studies wildlife magazines, relishes his hunting trip with Uncle Micah in which a deer was had, and still will happily play zoo with his little brother with Beanie Babies. He loves his animals, bug, and all those things. I'm so grateful for classes for homeschoolers at the Prairie Park Nature Center.
Another story that also tells how his brain works was a couple weeks ago when he was pretty sick. High fever and laying on the couch for about three days. But, at one point, that little pale face looked up at me: "Mom, did you know that when you add two even numbers together, you get an even number. And when you add two odd numbers together, you get an even number. But, when you add an odd number and an even number together, you get an odd number!" My math brained child = )


This kid either completely drives me up the wall, or has me melted into snuggles ... or dying laughing at his ridiculousness. He was thrilled to run into the room and announce: "I KNOW MY MEMORY VERSE! IT IS 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart, Proper Noun 3:5a'". Yes, the verse is right, the reference needs a little help = ) Guess who has been listening hard as his 1st grade older brother is drilled about nouns?

Tonight, I suggested that each night as we put the boys to bed, instead of singing the SAME TWO SONGS every night, Eli and I would sing a different Christmas Carol to them. Reuben nods his head. "So, instead of O Holy Night, you'll sing 'Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, 15 miles on the Erie Canal!!!'" Ummmmmm, that wasn't quite the Christmas Carol I was thinking of ... = )


I still rock and sing him a good night song before laying him to bed. He relaxes during the song, but then when I say a prayer over him, nods his head in agreement - continuously nodding until I say Amen. And he was quite thrilled to wiggle out of Daddy's arms at Thanksgiving when we circled 'round Grandma's island for a big prayer and get between two adults and hold hands. He then tucked his chin low and looked quite proud of himself.

He mimics me, Eli and the boys. Today it was wagging his finger at me, talking in gibberish and then running into another room for about 30 seconds. And then repeating several times. I think it was an imitation of Mommy saying: "Be back in just a minute!" like I often do before running downstairs to grab laundry, or closing the bathroom door when I dry my hair. And looking around during the day: "Dada Bye-Bye." And waiting for my confirmation that, indeed, Daddy is bye-bye at work.

So, we will count down to Christmas, and I hope enjoy each day. So glad I have them. And so grateful for my husband, who walks each day with me, and who is there is to laugh with me.

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