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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Baking Buddies

I give up ... these two CANNOT give normal smiles to the camera anymore!
I promised the boys that today, once school was finished, they could help me make chocolate chip cookies (which means they also get to conduct a taste test on the dough ...). My grandma, uncle, aunt, and cousins are flying in this evening for Thanksgiving, so I'm in charge of getting some desserts done to have around for lunch/dinner tomorrow, when we're doing "easier" meals as we hang out together. And who can argue with homemade chocolate chip cookies? Exactly. Enough said.

Ready ... Set ...
Most of my aprons are packed, so I just deal with getting flour on us. It happens. Although today, we actually came out from everyone pretty darn clean - and the kitchen as well!

We pulled the stool into the corner by the KitchenAid, and worked away together. Worked on getting the ingredients into the bowl and not onto the counter, and on taking turns nicely. = )

Measured. Poured. Mixed. Tasted. Yum yum. I love those moments when I get to do this with the bigger boys. Matthias was napping, and that is the best time for cooking and baking in my house right now, because that little boy wants to help with ALL THINGS that go on in the kitchen. So, we mixed up cookies, baked away, and then prepped them to take to share with family. I just love this season!

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