A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Both of our families have been growing quite a bit in the last few years. Obviously due to the fact that our siblings (and us!) have been having kiddos. 'Tis the season! It makes family events on both sides fun and CRAZY with so many little ones around. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. Even if it does mean I never get to play the card/board games most of the time!

Even in the midst of the challenges it brings, the little kids are a blessing, and they are the future of our families. Legacy is so important to Eli and I, and I value that I can look back and see that both of our families have incredible spiritual legacies. Our boys really don't know what amazing heritage they have. Hopefully someday they will look back and see how the Lord planted them in this family, and what a joy to look back at the line of tall-standing servant leaders they come from.

As I was downloading pictures off the camera, I saw this old Willems family Christmas pictures from just four years ago ...

Compare that to the picture we took this year!

Growing, growing, growing. And I am sure there is more to come!

Monday, December 29, 2014


Although Thanksgiving was several weeks ago, it was still worthy of memory posting ... we were so blessed this year to have Eli's grandparents visiting from California for an entire two weeks, including Thanksgiving week. This fall brought health issues to grandparents on both sides of our families, so to have his grandpa and his step-grandma here was really wonderful. We weren't sure in October if his health would allow it, so we were excited he is still doing well!

My parents were in Arkansas with my grandmother, so my siblings and I were at other sides of our families. I love love love Thanksgiving at the Brooks house. Not that I don't love it with my family! But, Robin is such an amazing hostess. Planning meals and inviting people over is something she loves to do, so you can imagine that we have a H.U.G.E. spread of food at Thanksgiving, and just a great time with everyone there!

We always have the Shin family with us - Yusun and her two sons, Eric and Peter from Korea. They have been in the States for 6 years, and although they will eventually go back home once Yusun's studies are finished, they are very much adopted into the Brooks family, and those two teenage boys love meals at Robin's house!

Me and some of the girls!
Eli and Grandpa George
Even though Abram was only two week old, it was wonderful to be with everyone, and although we had many more than 20 in that house, it did not feel overwhelming. The kids played together, there were boards games out by the end of the evening, and happy people that didn't really want to leave. Pretty good holiday if you ask me.

Eli's dad and I - turkey carving time!
You never really know how many more holidays or times we will get with our grandparents that are left - the boys' great-grandparents, so we truly treasured that time with Grandpa George and Grandma Kathy in November, and spent many many days either at Robin's house, or having them over here. They are so good to sit and read and play games with all the boys, and are very much adored by Jonah, Reuben, and Matthias. And they loved getting to hold little Abram!

Joy, Peter, and Seth
Kathy and Grandpa
Four generations together!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

December 27th???

Goodness ... December 27th??

We just finished celebrating Christmas with my family - this morning! We've had a total of four Christmas-es already, with one more that won't happen until next Friday evening = ) This month has been busy and wonderful and overwhelming and humbling. I have seen that I can't get it all done (DUH!), but that God's grace has covered me each day.

We have made Christmas cookies, delivered them, had our kids' dance at church, a Christmas Eve service, MULTIPLE doctor appts, warmer days than usual, gotten back to the gym, shopped for last minute Christmas presents, and so many other things!

Eli is home for a few more days before the church office re-opens, so I hope to catch up on what life is like in the Brooks household ... or what it has been like!

A couple days late, but Merry Christmas!!!!