A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, December 7, 2013


Playing with Oma's necklaces ...
Our Thanksgiving this year was full full full, but good! I know, belated memories being written here, but at least I'm getting them down for us to have! = ) This week itself has been very full, and I have a list of projects to finish today still. Eli has been prepping for a big Holiday Shop which several churches collaborate on, and running it today, so his schedule has been slightly all over the map. I've had a crisis with a teen that I was handling, plus prepping for my sister-in-law's baby shower tomorrow afternoon ... AND normal busy schedule of work, homeschool, keepthehouseclean, etc.

Aunt Didi and Mataya!
Littliest Ellia and I
But, we were so blessed to have my grandma, and my mom's two brothers and their families come here for Thanksgiving! I think it might have been three years???? since I have seen my cousins and my aunts, so the reunion was long overdue. Two of my cousins are teenage boys - and Jonah and Reuben have been long awaiting time with Pierce and Paxton, because this meant help with DS games. They trailed those two big boys around for three days - and when we weren't over at my parents' house, they were talking about those two big cousins. Thankfully, Pierce and Paxton are AMAZING teenage boys, and were so so sweet to Jonah and Reuben.

Paxton surrounded by all the kiddos
Reuben keeps asking me when we can "invite them over to play" ... and no matter how hard I try to convey that it would be a 9 hour drive for them to get here, he still asks nearly every day since then! "I know Mom, but can't you just call them? Please???" Poor little boy - he had the best time with them!

Uncle Micah and Jonah
So blessed by cousins!
All of us did. I am so thankful for family and for the opportunity to see my grandma and have her see the little ones in our family (because there are a lot of them!). I think she had six great-grandchildren there, and one other one who was traveling with my brother. So special.

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