A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Off to School!

Finally, FINALLY, the yuckies are gone from this house! I believe that we are all healthy, whole, and without "spitters" or other rather disgusting side effects of stomach bugs! We are, however, anxious to get out of the house and do things. In our normal routine, we are out of the house at least once each day. To the gym, for grocery shopping, to visit Grandma, to head to church/youth group/small group, or for Jonah's days at preschool. The boys didn't leave the house this week! We attempted youth group, but Jonah got sick there - sending us home early. They truly have some cabin fever going on.

Today is Kansas Day. Jonah normally heads to preschool on Tues/Thurs mornings, but today his class was meeting to do special Kansas Day activities. I was so glad that he was well, and that he had the opportunity to go to school and see his beloved teacher and his friends this week after all!

It's also a school weekend for Eli. He goes to Springfield, Missouri, at least one weekend a month to take classes as he is working towards his Masters of Divinity. I am rather bummed that he is going to be gone this weekend, and it feels like this week was really long for me - full of tired, bored, and somewhat cranky, sick-feeling boys. I'm working on my attitude!

So, this morning, I packed up two boys and sent them off to school! Eli dropped of Jonah on his way out of town! I am looking forward to some playtime with cousins, and errands during warmer, sunshiny weather this weekend!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


There are piles of snow outside.
It was 15 degrees when I drove to the gym this afternoon.
Cold, Cold, Cold.

And now, S.I.C.K.
Sorry for the gross details,
but for the fourth day in a row now,
Reuben has had, well, everything coming out the bottom end.
Waking up with it all over him and his bed - and being stripped
in the early morning and having to be sanitized is not fun!
Watching him to get diapers changed quickly to avoid
Leaking, rashes, etc.

And I thought that it would pass quickly.
And then Jonah woke up with it this morning.
Double yuck.

We had to stay home from church to avoid any accidents or trauma from potential accidents.
I tried my best to read fun books,
Keep them happy - even with lower energy -
and make still a fun time.
But I admit.
Sometimes we just needed a break from all that ...
and Jonah got a chance to play his most favorite game of all:
Star Wars Lego Game for the Wii.

He got it for Christmas and asks E.V.E.R.Y. day to play.
We don't get to play it every day, but today I gave him a little extra time.

But, it kind of made me laugh,
because since he doesn't feel that great,
even while playing ... his face was quiet,
and sometimes he would even be laying down while playing.

Can't wait 'til they get better!
But, until then, Luke Skywalker might get a little more action than usual ...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Calvin in the Making ...

Remember Calvin and Hobbes?
That wonderful, silly, hilarious strip comic about a spiked-haired
Little boy and his stuffed tiger?
His fantastic imagination ...
His parent-will-pull-out-their-hair antics ....
His babysitter-torturing ideas ...
And his well-rehearsed negotiations with his parents.
Yup, that one.

My parents, brothers, and sisters all loved to read that comic strip.
We loved in the local newspaper,
and we collected most of the books throughout our teen years to share around the house.

A few months ago,
Eli pulled out a couple from a box of his own books that had been packed away.
We were joking that we shouldn't let Jonah see/read/absorb
ANY of the information contained between those covers!
Not that, truly, at three he can understand the humor -
BUT, you get my drift.
Calvin is certainly not whom we want Jonah to imitate.

The book was sitting on top of our dresser ....
And this is what I walked into my bedroom to find after drying my hair this morning.


Jonah proceeded to request for us to "read" the book to him.
I attempted to find a couple sections that would actually make sense to him
(and not give him strange ideas of what to do with snowmen someday = ))

Have you had a good laugh today?
Maybe need to be grateful for the children that you do have?
Look up a couple Calvin and Hobbes strips online - and enjoy!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Headstrong Three Year Old ...

I post these mostly so that they will "keep",
since my attempts to write down things the boys say never materializes on paper ...
but on a blog they can be typed, and someday put into a blog book, possibly.
To remember.
To look back and smile at.

A few days ago,
I was attempting to get the boys ready to leave the house.
Jonah, for whatever reason, had decided that cooperating with MY plan
was not a part of HIS plan, and was resisting.
Suddenly, (most likely in the middle of one of my reminders to get shoes/coats/hats/etc)
he disappeared from the living room.
Only to reappear with plastic construction goggles on.
(Note - my belief is that the glasses gave him some kind of "bravado"
to come up and say the following):
He struts up to stand directly in front of me.
"Mommy," his little finger flies up to point straight up to the ceiling,
"BESIDES JESUS, I know everything. And ...."
At which point he goes on to explain he needs to be making the plans for our day.
I was actually quite dumbfounded at his statement,
and then had to stifle my desire to laugh in order to discipline him.
1. My mom commented later when I told her this story that most likely I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry at his audacity.
2. My mother in law laughed and then said "he's going to be quite the challenge, isn't he?"
3. Thankfully, although Jonah was bucking his parental authority, he did realize somewhere in his thought process that there is ONE authority that does deserve respect and honor.
I can still see that little picture of him ... so sure of himself with his goggles on. Oh my.

And yes, he continued the trend a day later ...
He was attempting to convince me that he needed some kind of sweet treat.
For no reason.
And with Jonah's rather dubious eating habits, this was not flying with me.
I continued to tell him "No".
He continued to ask.
Probably about the sixth time,
He suddenly grins, runs up and throws his arms around me and exuberantly yells
"Mommy, I'm not going to give up with you!"
And, of course, makes one last request.
Sigh. Maybe he didn't feel like giving up ...
Maybe I need to pray more that this determination, this boldness to push limits
will be something within him that the Lord can turn for good!
The meaning of his middle name carries "Warrior" within it.
A Warrior for the Kingdom - may it be!

Monday, January 3, 2011

No Seven Year Itch for this Couple ...

This was what was put up on the wall this morning when I emerged from the bedroom. Eli had gotten up early to go out and hunt with his dad ... but even at the dark hour he rose, he put together a sweet message to me and put up hearts all along the wall in the living room. He always makes an effort to make our anniversary special.

Seven years ... in many ways to me, it feels as though we have been married much longer! I have too many wonderful memories that only seven years could contain. I truly believe that God blessed me with so much more than I could ever deserve in a husband when He brought Eli and I together. I am so proud to be Eli's wife and to follow him as He seeks to follow the Lord with all his heart and strength.

As we embark into new seasons of life with his job change, I am even more excited to work together as a couple at the church and to see our relationship deepen and grow as we serve the Lord together. Eli, I love you so much!