A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer fun in full swing!

I hope to fully enjoy this summer season with Eli and the boys. Although last summer was fantastic and full of great memories (especially the California trip), I also remember spending lots of time inside: protecting 3 month old Reuben from the strong summer sun and heat; working on getting him on nap schedules; etc, etc. This summer, however, I have two boys walking - or running - and ready to be adventurous with me! We'll make a second trip to Silver Dollar City, spend time swimming at the wading pool, run through sprinklers in the backyard, play at the park, you name it! Should be great fun.

Eli has been dying to pop out our new tent. We got an eight man Coleman tent on super clearance at Target (think $15), but it hasn't had a chance to be used. So, Friday he made the suggestion to camp out in the backyard Saturday night. Aunt Joy and cousin Mya were invited to join in. Reuben and I played a bit in the tent with them, and then slept inside for the night. Here's a great picture of them just as it was getting dark outside. First of many times of sleeping in a tent for Jonah!

So, as I embark on the world of blogging, I hope to capture a bit of our daily lives to remember and look back upon ... while sharing with family and friends who might enjoy glimpes of the boys.