A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
Us as we are ...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sometimes all it takes is a moment like this
To remember how wonderful life really is!

I am so blessed to have Eli as my husband, friend, provider, lover, and leader. And together we have been given two fantastic little persons to raise and instruct. Not that it isn't a huge and rather overwhelming task (it IS, but thank goodness we have the Lord to be OUR leader through it all), but smiles like these also make it wonderful and fun!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away ???

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week brought rain.
Two days of rain.

When we woke up Wednesday morning,
I knew that we had NOTHING on our schedule; except naptime.
So, I made some calls to friends,
But no one was available to get together!

Out came craft supplies.
We painted pictures, drew pictures,
Taped pictures up on the door.
We played cars,
Fought intense battles between good and evil
(please note: I always am assigned to be "the bad guy",
which in turn, means, I get killed and Jonah triumphs).
We ran an errand to pick up our camera
That we had left at Grandma's house the day before.
We made it all the way to naptime! Whew!!!!
(even Mom needed a nap this time).

But naptime ended .... and we had ALL evening together.
No Eli - still on work trip.
Boys and Mommy.

They were standing at the back door.
So, why not?
Why not just head outside anyway?

I stripped them down to their shirts,
And away we went to play outside, on the deck, and in the rain!

And as you can see, smiles and happy faces CAME BACK!

Sometimes, fresh air does wonders and is just what we need.
And, since I was grumpy by the end of summer-crazy heat,

I don't want to complain!

Can I Maintain Sanity?

Eli has been gone this week on a work trip.
We're on the third day.
I try hard to keep us busy, especially in the evenings!
But, sometimes it just gets boring.
And the boys bicker and argue over E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
I spend a lot of time praying for patience,
and anything else that might assist us in happy and peaceful days.

I know lots of moms out there are single moms,
But it just wasn't meant to be!
I go crazy without Eli here,
Not just to distract and play with the boys ...
But to talk to.
To spend time with.

So, Dadddy, please come home!
As you can see, we're going a bit crazy here!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Only Boys ...

Boys are just ... well ... BOYS.
Enough said.
But in case you need convincing ... case in point:
This evening.
Both boys are sitting on the couch, sharing a snack of Fruit Loops.
Jonah suddenly FLIES off the couch,
"I need to go poopy!!!!!"
"Well, then, go!"
"No, Mommy. I need your help!"
So, we rush off down the hall.
Sit him on the toilet.
I leave him to do his business.
A minute later ...
"Mommy, can you come here?"
"Jonah, Mommy will come to help you finish.
I am just here in the living room"
(Aside to Eli - he just wants me to smell it.
Smell the stinky bathroom.
No reason excepting he is a boy.
Eli doesn't believe this ... but ...)

"But, Mommy, can you just come here for a second?"
"I just need to show you something really quick."
So, I trudge down the hallway,
walk into the bathroom,
"What did you want to show me?"
A devious grin ... and ... "Now smell!"
Yes. This is the same child who daily requests that I smell his feet.
His shoes. His socks.
All the while grinning.

Cousins ...

Monday evening (Labor Day),
We grilled dinner at my parents' house.
My parents and siblings, spouses, and kids!
I attempted to get good pictures of
Ben and Jonah playing together.
But their preschool aged selves are
into deeply resisting my attempts to
photograph them while they are busy playing!
So, I got a few pictures of Reuben and Nathaniel!
Reuben, I think, rather likes not being the smallest.
He loves to pat Nathaniel on the head,
or give him some form or another of "kisses",
As you see him bestowing as they raced each other
to the stop of the stairs!

I am so glad that they have each other to grow up with!