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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


We enrolled Jonah in the Parks and Recreation 1st Grade Basketball League this fall. He has been E.X.C.I.T.E.D. I can't really even exaggerate the amount of times he would ask when practices/games would start and who would be on his team, etc etc etc. With homeschooling, we're working to be out with other kids as much as possible: going to co-op, Prairie Park Nature Center classes, Bible study groups, and now basketball. I know he needs the social interaction, plus his nature is social. He loves to be around people, and loves to meet and make new friends.

I got my dad to be the "coach", with Eli assisting him. That way, if Eli wants to volunteer as head coach next year, he'll have a year behind him! So, Jonah gets Opa and Daddy ordering him around! They only have seven practices, and six games total, so the season is not long by any stretch of the imagination.

Last Saturday was the first game. It was the best. All these little first graders boys (and one girl!) running all over the court, dribbling when it occurred to them, not really ever wanting to pass because that might (gasp) mean they wouldn't get to take a shot! Oh, it was funny and adorable and wonderful all at the same time. Reuben sat on their bench the entire game, completely content to just sit there and watch them run all around him.

We got lots of great pictures, and I was just lucky enough to have pulled up my phone for a quick video, only to capture Jonah making his one and only basket this game! What a fun little memory for him (which I am so glad he made at least one basket!) to have.

He's already counting the days until the next practice and subsequent game, and you know what? I am too.

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