A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
Us as we are ...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Advent Calendar

Last year Eli gave me one of my Christmas presents early
- an Advent Calendar -
and proceeded to spoil me all the month long of December.

This advent calendar has a door for each day.
And each day I would open a door, find a written clue
and hunt down a treat that he had carefully hidden
somewhere within the house.

It was a lot of fun!
Eli has always liked doing things that surprise me,
and he is really a fantastic husband in terms of leaving me
little notes, and just small things that demonstrate his love for me.
So, it added a little "extra" to our Christmas last year.

Well, Jonah was old enough last year to figure out that Mommy
was often getting treats each day - which I willingly shared with him.
So this year, Eli decided to transform the Advent to include both boys.
(and yes, the clues have gone from "husband/wife"
to general rhymes appropriate for little ears as well)

His clever clues lead us all over the house, day after day.
We usually find one small candy for each of us,
but we have also found chapsticks, stickers, fruit snacks,
special stockings, and other small gifts.

All Jonah has to do is say his regular "TREASURE HUNT!"
and Reuben trots down the hall after him to Mommy's dresser.
They know what it means.
And Jonah loves to hear us read the clue out loud so he can try and figure it out.

I so appreciate Eli making the effort to do this for us each day,
to plan hiding spots, to write his rhymes-
He truly loves me more than I deserve.
And as our family grows/changes ...
I think the Advent will keep our Christmas plans company,
year after year ...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just a Regular Night

Just a regular night for us.
Finished dinner and whatever activity was on the calendar.
Come home ... or still be at home.
Get the boys in jammies

Put on the stocking hats!

Turn up the music!

And have some fun!

And yes, this wasn't just an odd night out,
This is how many of our evenings wind up.
Praise or Christmas music on,
Dancing the rest of the night away!

Don't you?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sing Your Heart Out ...

OR NOT!!!!!

Tonight was Jonah's preschool Christmas program.
And we saw a true, independent three year old in action.
One big fat sigh. And then grin and try and remember that
This was truly funny and memory-making!

-He may have been singing all the songs at home the past month
But NO singing during the program for him!

-We may have picked out a wonderful new dress outfit for him
But he ONLY would put it on once Eli convinced him that the vest
was actually a policeman vest that would repel bullets.

-Most of the other kids had their eyes on their teachers
But Jonah was determined to keep his eyes on us.

-As we were driving home, I asked him if he had fun at his Christmas program.
He gave a huge sigh and said quite seriously "No, Mommy. That was not
fun at all. All we did was sing". Yes, all they did was sing - but oh well!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rare Moment

My boys, to me, are rather wild.
Full of energy.
They spend most of their time running,
Chasing, playing tag, fighting,
Tackling, building, laughing, and dancing!

But this morning,
They suddenly became quiet.
And all the moms out there know that quiet isn't always good!
I crept down the hallway and peeked into Reuben's bedroom.
And this is what I saw.

A rare and sweet moment.
And I had to take a picture and capture it.

Although they spend plenty of time fighting and quarreling,
Jonah often comments to me how much he loves Reuben.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bye Bye, Duck-A-Duck ...

When Reuben first learned to say the word "Duck" a few months ago,
He didn't say just "Duck".
He called those little feathered friends "Duck-a-Ducks".
Said quickly and excitedly.
"Duck-a-Ducks" were so much fun for him to look for in pictures books,
to play with the bathtub, and to see when we go to Cabela's.
I loved his own little twist on it.

And then a couple days ago, we were reading a books,
and he pointed to one and said "DUCKY".
Yup, Ducky.
I thought perhaps this was a momentary lapse in his sweet baby vocabulary,
but then last night during the bath, he proudly splashed around,
then suddenly found and exclaimed "Ducky!"

Eli and I looked at each other and kind of sighed and made sad faces.
Baby talk is so sweet, so innocent, and at times, so hilarious!
What they think they are saying compared to the actual word ...
Well, let's just say that they often don't match up quite right.
And it's sad to see those little quirks of babyhood disappear in a day's time.

I remembered how Jonah termed ducks to be "Quack-quacks"
until one day, they suddenly became ducks to him, as to the rest of us.
And part of the reason I type this, is to remember.
To remember two little boys,
Each with their own name for the commonly called "duck".
To try and not forgot what they came up with
and called out loudly anytime they wanted, proud of their naming accomplishments.

And I sigh again ... hoping that Reuben's "Book-a-Books" don't turn into just plain
BOOKS anytime soon.