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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, July 25, 2011

When It's Hot Outside ...

We find other creative ways to pass the time away!

Races in laundry baskets? WHY NOT?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summa-time at the Gym

Last weekend was another launch at the gym. This weekend, though, I taught both BodyStep and BodyPump, which was a first for me! As you can see from the smiles, though, amidst the worrying of cheoreography and saying the "right" things, we did have a fun time!

It was definitely a busy weekend, capping off an incredibly busy week. I can't say that I've recovered yet! I don't know if it's still trying to catch up on sleep, just trying to adjust to changing schedules, or female hormones (or maybe all 3!), but yesterday and today I have felt extremely emotional and a little overwhelmed. One of my clients at the gym reminded me today that emotions are good, and maybe just letting them out would be a release. Yes, I do agree, but I also can't spend all day in tears!

I'm trying to give the boys and I a little down time here at home while it's 100+ degrees outside. Hopefully once they head towards rest time, I can give myself a little time to re-focus. = ) And maybe the weekend and more time with Eli won't seem so far away.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Future Dreams

Eli, Jonah, and Reuben were driving home from church yesterday. Somehow they got on the topic of what "they" were going to be when they grew up. Although it changes day to day, it's rather interesting to hear what Jonah's ever-changing vocation dreams are!

Jonah: Dad, when I grow up, I'm going to be a knight.
Eli: Really?
Jonah: Yep, a knight. And you are going to be a king when you grow up, and Mommy is going to be the queen.
Eli: But what about Reuben? What's he going to be?
Jonah: Reuben? Oh, he's going to be the servant.

And there's some deep brotherly love, right? Hmmmmm, but then Jonah followed that statement up with this question:

Dad, what's a "servant"?

When Eli explained the role of a servant in relation to knights, kings, and queens, Jonah frowned and reassigned Reuben the post of fellow knight. = ) Thank goodness, right?

Friday, July 15, 2011

W.A.Y. too tired

We have had Vacation Bible School all week long, each evening, plus extra things going on at the gym for me. B.U.S.Y. week. 'Tis true that although all the things going on are great and fun - but I can't wait for next week to come and slow things down a bit!

Each night, getting the boys in bed has been a challenge. They are wound up after VBS, and we get home late, and even once they are in bed, they have seemed to be chattering and taking forever to fall asleep!

But last night, Jonah stripped down to his underwear when we walked in the door, and sat down on the couch. I took Reuben back to his room and read his books, sang songs, etc, and got him settled enough to come back to start with Jonah. Lo, and behold, this sweet, tuckered out boy had created a little "spot" with the couch pillows and conked right out. Left him there for Eli to see once he got home, and then we hoisted him up to his top bunk spot. = )

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cool Off with a Frozen Treat

Can't deny it. Hot days often mean that ice cream or something of the life sounds really good. But, even Eli has commented that he would rather find something a bit more healthy to finish off dinner with than ice cream. We do keep a rather astonishing amount of sugar-free popsicles around, but sometimes something creamy sounds like the perfect end.

So we've been creating our own. My sister lent us one of those small counter-top ice cream makers. And we've been making frozen yogurt like crazy! SO GOOD. I've been using plain, non-fat yogurt, some milk, and adding in flavors from there. So, it's almost just like having a yogurt - but when it's frozen, it just tastes more indulgent!

Our basic recipe:

16 oz. plain, non-fat yogurt

8 oz (or so) of milk (we always have 2% around)

1/8 - 1/4 c. sugar, depending on your preferences

And you can add from there. We did coconut with flaked coconut and coconut extract added it.

And my personal fav has been the above with instant decaf coffee mixed in with some vanilla extract.

Right now I have a tropical one chilling in the fridge to mix up tomorrow: I added one Chobani pineapple greek yogurt, one mango that I pureed in the food processor, and 1/2 tsp. coconut extract. I have no doubts that it's gonna be awesome! Easy way to cool off from the heat of summer ... and if we're lucky, Jonah will even try one of them sometime! = )

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

We rang in the celebration of America's Independence "Family Style" - as usual!

After Eli and I both got in our Monday morning workouts (pretty awesome tag-teaming going on), we headed over to his family's house for a lunch BBQ. Not only for the 4th of July, but also to celebrate Eli's birthday from June, and his brother's birthday ... which just happens to be July 4th! We had a great time - very relaxing and fun! Lots of good fun, chatting, and a few "small" fireworks in the backyard to appease the children - and the pyro-men!

Back home for naps (and a cribbage game between Eli and I), and then we headed to meet MY extended side of the family at my uncle's house in the country for swimming, food, and fireworks! Both boys swam with Eli, Aunt Adi, and Uncle Micah, and then we played inside for a bit. Jonah headed to the driveway to do fireworks with Eli and his "cousin" (sort of like second cousin ... but it's complicated!) Isaiah to enjoy sparklers, fountains ... and watch my older brother light up an insane amount of fireworks. Earplugs provided = ) I attempted once to get Reuben outside, but he got really scared and repeated to me over and over the rest of the night "I no like FIREWORKS, Mommy!"

And really? Fireworks are Eli's thing. He loves them, so Reuben and I relaxed with some Nick Jr. as it got late, and once the boys had enough of lighting things on fire ... we headed home. LATE for us.

Which is why I am blogging. = ) Both boys are sound asleep and I am cleaning house and catching up! It was a good 4th.