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A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Date Night

Eli and I haven't been on a date for quite a while ... it's not for lack of desire! He is so good, always trying to find a time or suggesting a night that we can get out for dinner or something. It's just that with youth group, Bible study, family birthday, and other commiments that take up other evenings, it just seems that there end up being few evenings that we actually want to get a sitter for the boys and get out. Or things fall through. Or something like that ...

But tonight we get to! I love love LOVE superhero movies, and we've both been waiting for the second Thor movie to come out. One of our favorite girls from the gym is coming over to watch the boys, and we're going to go sit, relax, and get out! Yay!

Got me thinking about our date nights in the past: pre-little-boys, it was easy to get away. And then with Jonah, it still wasn't too bad. I was home pretty much full time, and one little guy (who drank completely from his bottle) was pretty easy to find a couple hours of someone who wanted him. Then you add another (and Reuben NEVER would take a bottle), and it got trickier.

Now with Matthias, even that much more. Thankfully, once we got past his first year - theobsessedwithnursingchild - it is easier to just pick a time. And we have such great family and friends, that usually, when we finally find a time slot, we can find someone for the boys.

I know that no matter how great things are in our marriage, that this always has to be a priority and we've can't get too comfortable. We commit to always making time for "us", even with busy schedules. That's no excuse, really. So, even though you can't do much chatting during a movie, I'll enjoy holding my man's hand (and squeezing it too, because I get freaked out waaaaaayyyy to easy!) without being tugged on by someone who only comes up to my waistline!

This was us, three months after Jonah was born! Yikes! Over 6 years ago ...
About 6 months after Reuben was born ... 4 years ago

And now! What a crew the Brooks are turning into = )

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