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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beanie Baby Party

The boys have collected quite a few Beanie Babies. Makes me wish I had actually saved the ones I had through junior high when they were really becoming popular! Ah well, Oma and Aunt Hannah have given us some, and we've picked up a few at garage sales. They're pretty fun, and make great pet store, zoo, etc. games to fill time. The boys are attached to their little animals, and there is often one toted along as we leave the house.

I don't know how the conversation actually started, but somehow, on Saturday, Jonah and Reuben were sitting at the dining room table with all their Beanie Baby dogs. Talking about how old their dogs were, what toys their dogs liked, on and on with it ... and then it became when these little doggies had birthdays. And then they were asking if we could have a "birthday party" for two dogs, who just happened to be having birthdays the next day. And "Mommy, do you think that we could make a cake? Tuffy and Fetch just love birthday cake!"

Why not?

I had a cake mix in the cabinet, and so, Sunday evening, Eli had a youth event going on anyway, so we had a puppy birthday party.

Quite the event, complete with bandana wrapped presents for the puppies, followed by each puppy bringing a toy for a show-and-tell event = ) Little boys. Smile. Love 'em.

Maybe it was really all a scheme from two little boys who wanted cake for themselves. Maybe we just needed a little celebration in our weekend! Either way, since I have no little girls with which to have tea parties around this house, I might as well be having birthday parties for stuffed animals, right? At least it wasn't desperate pleas to join in on the light saber fight = ) I get enough of those requests already around here!

Clapping during the "Happy Birthday" Song

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