A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
Us as we are ...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jonah, Jonah

Yesterday morning, it was Jonah, Matthias and I sitting on the couch together in the early hours of the morning (Reuben and Daddy are the late risers of the family) ... after Matthias finished nursing, Jonah requested to hold him. He was snuggling his little brother and looked up at me with a smile:
"Mommy, I love Matthias ninety-nine." (ninety-nine is a HIGH number to Jonah - somehow he was conveying his full heart). "Ahhhhh, Jonah, that is wonderful! And he loves you too, you know."
"And I love you and Daddy ninety-nine, also"
I smiled back at him.
"Did I forget anyone?"
"Well, what about Reuben?"
Jonah looked thoughtful ... "I love him forty-four."
"Well, I think you DO love Reuben more than that, but I know that lots of times he kind of annoys you or you guys get into fights."
More thoughtful silence ... "Well, I Reuben eighty-eight, then. Eighty-eight is really close to ninety-nine, Mom."
Ah well. I know deep down, Jonah dearly loves Reuben ... but Reuben has gotten big enough to fight back, which means, well, there are lots of tussles between them each day! = )

Monday, April 23, 2012

Matthias Elijah

Hard to believe that it was already last Wednesday that Matthias was born! Welcome to our family, little guy!
Stats: Matthias Elijah Brooks; 6 lbs. 2 oz.; 20 inches long; and adorable!
I am hoping to have more time later today or later on the week (fingers crossed) to record how he came into the world ... it was definitely not quite what we had planned, but he came safely and we were so ready to meet him!
His brothers adore him - Reuben is adjusting better than I had anticipated, and we're working through Eli's last TWO DAYS of school for this semester, so I'm working hard to keep all three boys out of his hair so he can study for his finals tomorrow! Yay!
We are so blessed to have Matthias here ...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Waiting Game ...

I thought that perhaps baby was going to arrive on Friday evening. I had more intense Braxton-Hicks contractions all day, which progressed into more intense, painful contractions around 9 p.m. By 9:30, they were 3-4 minutes apart. At 11:30, we decided to head to the hospital. But, alas, I was no more dilated than at my last appointment 3 days earlier (a 2). Instructed to walk for an hour and then be re-checked, we tiredly walked the hospital halls at 1 a.m. ... not an easy task! By the end of our walking, I knew that I was going to be sent home. Contractions were about 5 minutes apart, and nothing that I couldn't walk or talk through. Sigh.

So, nurse re-checked (and thankfully was kind and didn't give me any kind of speech about jumping the gun!), and then gave instructions not to come back unless my water broke, or my contractions were close to 2 min apart and making me cry = )

We went home exhausted ... and me feeling silly. Of course, it is okay. I feel more like a non-expert on my body going into labor because I have only done it twice, and each time was completely different! But, false alarm aside, the next day I did think back on the "real" contractions during the boys' labor, and how I was squeezing Eli's hand and nearly in tears. What I was experiencing Friday night wasn't pleasant, but wasn't of that nature quite yet! It could have developed into that, but this little guy is apparently not in a hurry!

Either way, he WILL arrive sometime this week, of that I can be certain. And I'm ready to snuggle him, hold him, see what he looks like, bring him into our family. And until then? I guess I will keep scrubbing and cleaning around the house and spending time with my other two sweet boys!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tough Guys in Action

With warmer weather this March and April than in many years past, the boys have been outside a lot! Which I have no argument against ... the three of us get cabin fever easily. They don't do well with a day just sitting inside - we like places to go, things to do, or good weather to get outside and run around in! Our little basketball hoop on the back deck has probably already gotten more use than any other spring. Jonah has always been a very dedicated basketball player, and Reuben is following close in his footsteps. They give themselves quite hilarious team names, and go-at-it in a very serious manner. I love to stand in the kitchen, washing dishes or cooking, and keeping my eyes and ears open for their games (although intervention often has to happen). Reuben loves to call himself the "K-Steak" team ... and we've given up trying to correct him!
Eli has been out there for many an intense game, and any other visitors that drop in are often invited onto the back deck to dribble and shoot.
Eli got these great pictures one evening a week or so ago while I was working for an hour at the gym. Sooooooo glad he grabbed the camera!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Loyal to the end ...

Our Jayhawk basketball team may not have won the championship game last night ... but they played their hearts out this season and made many a fan, young and old, and many alumni (including Eli and myself) proud!
And win or lose, we're still fans, and we still love our KU basketball, and the boys love their Kansas outfits!