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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, August 29, 2011


Last week was Jonah's first week of preschool for this year. He really needed a haircut ... but he bargained with us to keep it a little longer a few more days. No harm, really, so we agreed. And so, we spiked it! He loved it at first. Eli fixed it for him, and he was proud of his "do".

And then by dinnertime, he asked, Mommy, can we get these spikes out of my hair? Why, Jonah? Well, they are pokey and it makes owies on my head when I push down on my hair.

Spiked hair had lost it's appeal. We got home late that night from a conference at church, but Jonah wanted the fastest bath EVER - just to wash his hair out. Two days later ... we pulled out the Flowbee and buzzed it back down!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sleep, Anyone???

Ahhhhhhh, you forget sometimes how adequate sleep helps you get through each day until you start losing that sleep.

Reuben came down with one of his cheezing breathing issues following a cold (every two months it seems we deal with this!), so we were up with him all last weekend in the night during coughing fits. We've kinda figured out good tag-teaming methods so that we each at least get some stretches of sleep! I was super excited once Monday rolled around, because I could see that he was pulling out of it ... breathing treatments were going well and I knew we had rounded the corner.

Then Wednesday: somehow a ridiculous amout of chiggers found Jonah. Unfortunately, I think it was in his preschool's yard. By Wednesday evening he was itching like crazy ... and in places that you don't really want to itch! We were up with him every couple hours because the itching was literally keeping him awake. S.O. G.L.A.D. that we had anti-itch cream in the hall closet!

And I thought that might end our nights' awake. We put Reuben down last night as normal, let Jonah sleep on our floor in case we were still putting on cream in the middle of the night. But Jonah slept hard and long - not a whimper from him. But at 3:30 a.m., Reuben was crying. The kind of crying that means his ears were hurting. Didn't want to be laid down flat. He would finally fall asleep ... 10 minutes he would be whimpering "Mommy, ooowww!" I took the first shift ... and Eli wonderfully took over at 4:30, and I was back for the next round at 6:00.

Overall, the week has been good. Jonah has enjoyed seeing preschool friends again - in some ways we have had a full and fun week. But I can't wait for just one night of good sleep! Tonight???? I hope so ...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Days Fading Away

Can you feel it? Summer is almost over. Kids that attend public school have gone back, and most private schools start in the next weeks. Several homeschool families that we are friends with have started working through books. Although we're still having some pretty warm days, I think we're done with the 100+ degrees and extreme humidity. Thank the Lord!

Jonah goes to preschool next week. Same preschool he attended last year, but for three mornings a week, rather than just two. I realized that at some point next spring (gulp!!!), we're going to have a make a decision on further schooling. Veritas? Virtual School? Homeschool? How did my firstborn already made it this far? Thankfully, I can still put off the decision a little longer ... but I am thankful that he can attend preschool. I can see a difference in how he interacts with other kids, and it has helped with the "mommy-itis" that he struggles with. He is openly verbal about "just wanting to be with Mommy all the time", so we've seen him grow in the security of knowing that it is okay to enjoy spending time away from Mommy, and she always comes back to pick him up

So, we're enjoying our last few days. And back to the backyard we have headed ...

I love love LOVE playing outside with my boys. They completely crack me up with their antics ... and I relish in seeing them play together as friends more and more. Although summertime is fun ... I will admit that I am excited for a more "set" schedule in our days - A.N.D. fall has so much to look forward to! Pumpkin Patch. Fall Scented Candles. Fire Pits. Camping. Apple Pies. Baking. Costumes. Colorful Leaves. Cooler Temperatures.

Ahhhhhhh, it's a bittersweet goodbye to what has been such a wonderful summer.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Connected ... LITERALLY

Jonah seems to have had lots of days recently in which he seemed pretty tired and could have used a little power nap to make it through the rest of the day. But, no. Not him. He'll power through it and get himself to some kind of a second wind. I usually stick him in a quiet spot with some toys and still give him a "quiet time", but when that time is up, he starts to follow me around the house. I'm usually attempting to use that time when Reuben is napping to work on dinner, clean the house, do a bit of paperwork, etc.

But the past two days this guy has been a.t. m.y. s.i.d.e. And not just wanting to be BY me, he walks around trying to put his head on my hip so that we are "in contact". It works if I'm standing still, but when I was trying to clean the kitchen, and he kept trying to walk right by my leg with his head in contact with my body ... it was a little much for me!

Jonah, Jonah, what are you doing?
Just being with you, Mommy. - big innocent eyes
But can you get your head off of me???
But Mommy ... I love you. - made them more like sad puppy eyes.

In other words, he's exhausted, doesn't know what to do with himself, so therefore, this seems to be the best option? Ahhhhhhh, time to scoop up and take to the couch for a book and a snuggle. Not that it seems like it works in terms of getting him to relax, but I figure better to take advantage of the moment in which closeness with Mommy is desired, right?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Face

Ahhhhhh, it's happening right before my eyes. Reuben is losing the "baby chub".

Not that he was ever chubby to begin with ... NOOOO, instead our doctor was always ordering us to feed him more and any full fat things that could be found to attempt to bring his weight up! = ) But, you know, that little baby/boy roundness is going away. He's getting taller, talking more (as in: Mommy, don't pat my bottom when I was tucking him in last night), and his face is thinner. I don't want it to happen!

When I was putting him to bed, he decided that his hand was extremely interesting and was holding it up to the light, studying his little fingers. And I kind of choked up - looking at those little chubby fingers, knowing that they are fading away and my big boy is coming through. Two years old. I look back and pictures of Jonah when he was two, and it the same thing. The baby face caught in the middle of growing, still a little round, but saying goodbye. And it is no fun. Not that there isn't more to enjoy. But, I'll never get this little two year old back ... the one who suddenly turns to squeeze my neck and kiss my cheek when singing him bedtime songs, the one who looks up when I walk in the door and says: Mommy, where been you?

As the I do it s become more prominent, I'm loving all the hold me s that I can get from this little guy. This little two year old.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Week of Days Off ... in Pictures

Here are some glimpes of that wonderful and full week last week!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lunchtime with Opa

Last week was a wonderful, crazy-busy, bits of laziness week!

Eli took vacation days all week long. We were "here" all week long. Some days were a little slower and more relaxed - especially at the beginning of the week, but an out of town cousin and my parents moving out of the house I grew up in made the end of the week B.U.S.Y. We got stuff done around the house (later to posts to show), and spent time with family (pics to follow), but one lunchtime hour was great.

I got home from an hour of work at the gym, Eli was home, and we were getting ready to have lunch when we had a couple of phone conversations with my dad, that ended up with him heading to our house for a quick lunch break from work and packing. The boys hadn't seen him much the past week because of all that he was doing in terms of moving ... so Opa came to play! They played LEGOS, and all kinds of things.

Oh, and Opa brought a Frosty from Wendy's with him. I think he initially thought Jonah might share a few bites with him, but it ended up being the communal Frosty between Reuben, Jonah and Opa (I might add that this was the FIRST time Jonah has ever eaten any type of ice cream other than plain vanilla). Super cute!

I don't take it for granted that we get to see our parents often: Eli and I both feel so blessed that grandparents can just drop in anytime!