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Monday, November 4, 2013

Christmas in Silver Dollar City

Jonah, Reuben, and Mya having lunch at Panera
We headed out to Silver Dollar City on Saturday afternoon with my parents, my sister, brother-in-law, their little girl, and Eli's sister's daughter. A bit of family makes a whole lot of fun! We had season passes this year, so this was our third (and final) trip to Branson to enjoy Silver Dollar City. They opened on November 2nd with all their Christmas lights and shows up and running. So, on November 3rd, we got a foretaste of Christmas spirit = )

It was fun.

Like any trip, especially trips involved children under the age of 2, there were tears, fits, missed naps and the like, but there was also wonder, laughter, first times on roller coasters and all that good fun!

Mya, my mom and I on a ride together
The ball place is ALWAYS a hit!

Mya (10 years old) has been waiting to go to the place her little cousins are always talking about, so taking her with us was really fun. She was big enough to ride some big roller coasters with me and Eli, but young enough to still want to ride smaller rides and fall in love with Christmas lights with all of us.

Having a snack!
Little ones finding lights!
I have never pretended that Christmas is not a big love of mine - holiday months are special to me, and I enjoy traditions to the fullest. Even though it is only the first weekend in November, it was kinda fun to hear some Christmas carols being played, and see a beautiful Christmas parade.

I got to ride rides with my mom, Eli, and watch Reuben enjoy more rides than he has in the past. Ate my fill of my favorite kettle corn. Enjoy time with my sister. Go to the place I have been going since being a baby, and I love love LOVE taking my family there.

Heading out from Branson

At Bass Pro Shop in Springfield

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