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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, November 2, 2012

October Wrap Up!

Just a few pictures to wrap up October (GULP!) because today is November 2nd! Yay and Yikes at the same time, right? I LOVE LOVE LOVE holidays, but November and December always go by faster than I want, and I have to remember each day to savor the season and the gifts of time with family and friends. Or else the hurry and bustle sweeps me along, and I forgot how many fun things there are to enjoy during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But, we finished October with a short costumed sing at Reuben's preschool ...

Walking in with his teacher

With his teachers and his class!

And then, of course, the Harvest Party at church! Eli did a fantastic job, I thought, of running it again this year, and although we now never get as many pictures as we would like (since we are running around a lot!), we did manage to get a family picture, unlike last year! Goal achieved! And a few other pictures as well ... and although Reuben only went to about six booths before hanging out in the offices because we're dealing with a cold/wheezing/breathing treatment round again, he still had fun, and Jonah just went and went and went!

We're mssing our friend who dressed up like Captain America ... but here's the rest of the AVENGERS!

My sweet niece, Selah, and her baby cousin, Harper!

Eli and his brother Seth, aka Jack Sparrow

And Seth with our niece, Mya

One large event successfully completed! And now the focus will turn and be intense on Eli finishing school ... SIX MORE WEEKS! And then my hubby will graduate with his Master's degree. So, so so proud of him! We are almost there = )

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