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Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin 2 Ways

I love love LOVE baking anything with pumpkin. It signals fall, Harvest, Thanksgiving, family, yummy things, crackling leaves, changing colors, boots, jackets, bonfires ... and makes a delicious warm feeling in your house, doesn't it? Walking into a house and you KNOW something's been in the oven is soooooo good!

And I just love the flavor. I like it in many things, though, not just classic pumpkin pie. In fact, I think there are probably many things I like that are made with pumpkin more than I like pumpkin pie. We bake up a storm of pumpkin muffins in our house, mainly because Jonah will eat them, and I like to make pumpkin bars, rather than pie. One, you don't have the roll out a crust, and two, you can make the base crust layer healthier than you would ever get a pie crust to be!

But last week I discovered a new recipe ... thanks, Gina! I have a classic cinnamon roll recipe from my mom that I make on a semi-regular basis, but this recipe completely intrigued me. Tried it a few days later, and everyone loved 'em! I sent some home with my sister for her and her hubby to eat, and Jonah and Eli enjoyed cinnamon rolls for breakfast the next day. I still love my tried and true recipe, but one thing I love about these pumpkin cinnamon rolls was how moist they were the second day. Super good! Try try try!

And I finally got on the pumpkin smoothie wagon. Perhaps it is just because, in general, I'm much more into smoothies than I was last year = ) Either way, I made Eli and I pumpkin pie smoothies for breakfast on Saturday, and we both agreed they were super good! And super simple ...

1 c. canned pumpkin
1 frozen banana
1 c. milk - your choice!
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. ginger
*Blend and enjoy! Serves two.

Of course these are all over the internet and blogs. I wasn't too concerned with exact measurements when I made mine, to be honest, but this is my best guess on what went in there. The taste of pumpkin pie without the guilt.

I think I have many more things to be made. I picked up three more cans of pumpkin today at Aldi ... not with any specific plans as of yet, but there isn't a lack of ideas out there. If anyone has any good ones, send them my way!

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