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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Don't ...

lolligag ... or how would you spell it? Right? I've never spelled it before, but I say the word to my boys! Especially Reuben, who can buckle himself into his carseat, but seems to think the process should take around ten minutes. Don't lolligag (lollygag? One word? Two?) around!

I try, very hard, to keep in mind that "hurrying" the boys does nothing positive for them. Yes, they need to learn to do what I say, right when I say it. But, hurrying them like crazy when we're trying to get out the door, in the van, etc., only causes frustration. In ALL of us. Saying "we've got to hurry!" really accomplishes nothing but making me feel more frustrated, and seems to probably slow them down!

Explaining to them in a firm way that they need to get ready, or buckle themselves in, yes. They need to obey. And when I have to be at work at a certain time ... they need to be quickly obedient! But Reuben, oh Reuben, how often I look back after getting buckled in myself. The child has probably been in the van, and maybe even in his seat for at least three to five minutes, but NOTHING! Just telling some story, or even (gasp) knowing that he should be buckling and not doing it. Sigh. Working on this one.

Buckle, Reuben, Buckle!

I find myself often saying those words.

And today, we were leaving the gym to head home. Not in a particular hurry, but the boys were getting into their seats, and I was loading Matthias in and then getting into my seat. I looked back, asked, is everyone buckled!

And Jonah, looked at Reuben, sighed, and as exasperated as he could sound, said: Reuben! Quit gollylagging around! Buckle your seat belt!

Yes, no gollylagging around here = ) Just made me smile.

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