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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Tree Time!

The last week of our life was B.U.S.Y.  If I could scream that word, it wouldn't do justice to last week! All was good stuff, but still full full full days! Eli is cramming school like nobody's business, we had Thanksgiving, and I was in a wedding. And let me just say, being in a wedding with a nursing baby who does not take a bottle is a lot more challenging than I would have thought! Enough said. I fell into bed Saturday night super tired.

We are ready to go!
But last night, no matter how much school there is to finish, Eli was determined (and I am happy he was!) to get up our tree. We love having the tree up, and the wonderful "warm" feeling it brings into the house. We want to enjoy the leading-up-to-Christmas with the boys, and heck! We just wanted it up. And so did those little guys running all around the house. So, we pulled out the tree, lights, and ornaments and put it up. It really doesn't take a super long time, and I'll work on the other decorations another day, but we have our tree up!

Got some lights!
Got my lights, too, Mom!

The boys had so much fun. They pulled out ornaments, asking where they came from, who's they were, etc. Wanted to hear all the stories, find ones that they had been given over the years, and proceeded to hang them all on about the same five branches. My job was to quietly "rearrange" as they pulled out more with Eli from the tub. We had on our Christmas music, and it was wonderful! Matthias obliged by taking a short nap in the middle of the work, and then playing with some bubble wrap when he was awake. = )

Said Bubble Wrap ...

Almost done! Classic "SMILES" from my boys = )
And although I have my complaints about how it gets dark so early in the evenings, having those "sparkwy" lights in the house - as Reuben calls them - will make those dark evenings feel much brighter.

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