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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Turkey Time!

Can you believe it is already the 7th of November??? Yikes! I can't! Thanksgiving is a bit early this year, so it is crazy to think that we will be celebrating with family and friends in only two weeks' time! Jonah and I have been spending time during school studying the pilgrims, their journey, arrival, and beginning times in America. It has been fun ... he has memorized facts about them and the Mayflower, and Eli helped him draw a big replica of the Mayflower on piece of poster board, and then we wrote facts all around the ship. He loves to study about it all.

And of course, there are turkey pictures to be made, right? My MIL had the boys over for some oceanograpy on Monday afternoon, and then had Matthias and I join her at the house to hang out while Eli finished up his day at school in Springfield. The boys made turkey pictures, and frosted sugar cookies. All good things = ) And then Jonah was super excited when he got to make a second turkey at the gym yesterday! The boy loves crafts ... I wish I was more creative and crafty for him!

Anyway, I remembered today to take a quick snap of the boys with their pictures. They are very proud of them, so I taped them up to enjoy their artwork because before you know it (gulp!), we will be putting Christmas decorations up!

And then I just had to turn around and capture Matthias, who was happily chewing on one of the boys' dinosaurs in the living room.

He isn't crawling yet! But he manages to roll and sort of scoot around to get where he wants to go - at least in the living room! The boys are learning to watch what they leave lying around = ) Matthias got his first taste of bananas today and BOY! did he love them! Ha! That little mouth swallowed and opened right back up like a little bird ... So fun to see him growing right now.

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