A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Eli made me promise to write this one down ...

Since Reuben remembered - oh, about three weeks ago - How The Grinch Stole Christmas, he has pulled out his stuffed Max and been toting him around the house. Max has eaten breakfast alongside Reuben, gone to Grandma's, to the gym, they have slept together, played together ... you get the gist!

They were sitting together at the table, eating Goldfish crackers, I believe, when I commented to Reuben how lucky he was to have such a good dog like Max. He looked at the out of the corner of his eyes: "Mommy, Max is not a real dog."

"I know, Buddy. But he is a fun dog to play with."
"But he is not a real dog."

"I know, but you get to pretend with him and use your imagination! That's what makes it fun!"
I get another side glance and small shake of his head: "Mommy, onwy gurls use their imagination. That's a gurl thing. Boys pretend. I don't do gurl stuff."

Who knows where he got that one! Sometimes you wonder where on earth they come up with their take on things.

And he has also decided that all songs that we play in the van while we're driving that are sung by women are just NOT fun to listen to, because they are "gurl" (I wish I could imitate how on earth he pronounces that word) songs, not "boy" songs. And I, for one, am forbidden to sing along when a male is singing, because ONLY boys can sing to boy songs. I certainly overstepped any boundaries the other day when I offered him a piece of pink construction paper for his drawing. Right. Like any 3 year old boy in his right mind was going to take that! Oh, his little offended face ... = )

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