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A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

Thursday morning we went to the pumpkin patch ... one of the most looked-forward-to yearly events on our house! Literally, when we pulled into the parking lot, Jonah shouted (not so good sounding in a closed vehicle) at the top of his lungs: "THE PUMPKIN PATCH! WE'RE HERE!!!!" It has been long-awaited ... it also signals fall to the boys:
- painting pumpkins for decorations
- making fall cutout cookies and decorating
- thinking of costumes for the church's Harvest Party
- of course, candy from the Harvest Party = )
- changing leaf colors
- fall crafts!
- and anything else you can think of ...

This was actually another preschool outing. But since we normally go to the pumpkin patch all together at some point anyway, we all just went with Reuben's class! It's a pretty low-key field trip, the class rides the hayrack ride together, but everyone kind of picks pumpkins on their own, and then joins back up for snack together. After that, kids/parents can decide if they want to stick around or leave. They have a hay bale maze, playgrounds, chickens/pheasants/cow/horses, and all sorts of things to poke around at and in!

The morning was chillier than the weather had been, but the sun was poking through the clouds while we were there, and we had a great time! Matthias enjoyed kicking in the front pack for the first half, until he got tired, and then I held the sleeping babe in the sheltered store area while the boys ran more after they had picked out pumpkins.

Silly Cousins!

Daddy and boys ... Matthias was asleep at this point!

 The boys' cousin, Nathaniel, is in Reuben's class, so he was there with his Mommy and Daddy, and played with the boys! It was fun. Such a good fall activity - and besides paying for a few pumpkins, completely free to enjoy! Gotta love that. Of course, I took pictures and didn't make it into any myself, but I still go the event captured! Score!

What is this thing, guys?

What do you do with it?

Eat it? Of course!

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