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A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

The Fall Bucket List continues! We're getting somewhere with it, and having fun along the way! Each year for the past several, we've carved pumpkins at the Brooks' house. I wasn't too sure that this year it was going to happen. Eli was gone last weekend for four days, He has had school to get done, the family in general has been busy during the evenings ... the bigger we get, the harder it is to coordinate days to get together for something like this!

But when I mentioned it to Eli, he was definitely wanting to do it. Honestly, I don't ever actually carve the pumpkins. He does. He is the artistic one, and the one much more handy with a knife! So, we called up his mom, and rustled up about half the family together! Good enough, right? It actually was a bit chaotic, because Jonah was apparently exhausted, and spent the entire time Eli was working on Reuben's pumpkin, crying, because he was sure Daddy wouldn't get to carving his pumpkin. Sigh. And then at the end, Matthias was starting to fall asleep, so I was trying to get us finished and out the door to get him to bed in his own bed!

BUT, it happened! The boys l.o.v.e. their pumpkins. Eli, as always, impresses me with what he does with pumpkins. And Melissa brought Tirzah, and we had veggies, dip, and roasted sweet potato fries. All good, right?

And now the boys look back to last night, and it was a blast! = ) Eli assures me that is how all men process things. The story is much better afterwards.

We worked to get some good pictures of them lit - tough to do when the children don't do great at sitting still, but you can still see his handiwork.

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