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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pajama Party

When we geared up to start Jonah in homeschooling this year, Eli created a big chart for me that I taped on the inside of the door leading to the basement. It had all of Jonah's subjects listed out, and was a sticker chart so that each day, he could mark off what he had accomplished! It helps give him a visual picture of what he has done/needs to do each day, and also helps keep me on track as well! I'm a chart/list person in general, and I wouldn't be lying to say that he seems to have inherited some of that trait as well! = )

I promised him that once the chart was completely full (six weeks worth of school), he would be rewarded with a "party day". I didn't expound on what party day exactly meant: truth be told, I didn't have a specific plan, but wanted to throw out the motivation, and we would figure it out closer to the time!

Closer to the time came along, pretty quickly!!!!!, and once Jonah realized we were going to be able to "plan" his party day, he quickly decided to have a pajama party. He remembers having a pajama party day from preschool last year. I jumped right on board! Pajama party defined by Jonah means:
1) wear pajamas;
2) watch a movie;
3) have a snack.
Perfect and easy plan!

Entranced by the movie ....

We invited over our friends ... another homeschooling family - four kids that we go to church with, have known forever, and has one AMAZING mom who runs that house! They were totally game. They came over at 1:30, all in the jammies, played for awhile, watched How To Train A Dragon with their brownies and drinks, and then played outside in the backyard for awhile after! And Jeni and I just got to visit while the kids played, and it has been waaayyy too long since I have had a chat fest like that with her!

Gotta love a fun afternoon like that sandwiched in between many busy days. I am hoping pajama party days become almost like a regular fun day that we get every month or so. The kids had so much fun together, and it was a good little break for the mommas as well.

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