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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

6 Months Old

Seems like we were just here ...
But we're already here!
Matthias is six months old today. In one sense, he has been a part of our family for a long time! But, in another sense, how on earth did he get to be six months old? He is cracking us up constantly with his silly giggles and coos ... and can make Momma melt when he reaches his little arms to my neck and SQUEEZES with everything in him! He loves to give hugs when he is excited to see someone.
He is figuring out that there are people he doesn't know as well ... when someone is holding him, he'll sometimes push back away from their chest and study their face. You can tell he is trying to figure out who is holding him! Or he reaches his little hands up to touch their cheeks with a puzzled look on his face. But he does great going to the gym with me, and really, the kid is just happy! He loves to smile at people and get them to smile back at him. Each one has been sooooo different. And Matthias just has a joyful spirit within him - and is VERY social!

He is rolling all over the place. Legos are a must-keep-out-of-the-living-room toy. I lay him down in one place, turn around for one second, and he is on the other side of the room! He doesn't really push up onto his knees at all yet, but you can tell he knows that there must be someway to get to what he wants! Once he can crawl, he will love it!
His sleeping is still unpredictable. Every now and then I get a night where he only wakes twice, but often he still cries about four times a night. Sigh. S.O.M.E.D.A.Y. But, I think we have improvement! = )
Last week he tried his first baby cereal. He is doing good .. this week we're still just having one serving at dinner time. He doesn't eat a ton of it, but he likes it. I'm sure once we're introduce other foods that actually taste good, he'll love it! He's always interested when others are eating.
One of his favorite things to do is ride around in the front pack. I put him in at youth group, or the grocery store, or wherever, and he cheeres right up. Flaps his arms, kicks his legs, and generally must feel quite on top of his little world.
The brothers are still just as indulgent and crazy over him as they were at the beginning. They fight over who gets to "talk to him" when they first wake up in the  morning and really still are good helpers if I need them to entertain him for a few minutes.
All in all? Still a heck of a lot of work with these three boys ... but goodness! How I love 'em!
(and thanks for reading a post of just baby-ness ...)

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