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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Fire Station Fun!

Over a week ago, Reuben's preschool class met at local fire station to meet fire fighters and see all that is inside a fire station! I was so blessed that Eli took the hour and a half to take Reuben. I would have LOVED to go, but I would have had Matthias in a front pack, Jonah with me as well ... and that day was sandwiched between our two trips. So, my brain was thinking laundry/cleaning/organizing/seeing the boys/etc. So Eli and Reuben headed off on an adventure for Reuben!

This is Reuben's classic smile when asked to smile for the camera ...

He came home, running in the front door, and yes, it is in caps because that's how loud he was talking: "MOM!!!! I MET A R.E.A.L.  L.I.V.E.  FIREMAN!!!!!!!!!!"
The beauty of three year olds and their wonder at life!
He had a fabulous time. Eli said he was wanting to try everything they offered ... into the trucks, trying on hats, and getting use the water hose! What a time for a three year old!

Seriously??? I think Eli was probably jealous of this activity!

I am hoping to go back to one with all the boys, and meet up with some of my friends in town who homeschool or have preschool aged kids and we can have our own little field trip. Jonah is itching to go now himself ... = )

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