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A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Time!

No pics to post tonight. I'm in a dark hotel room with a sleeping baby. I had great intentions of taking my ipod around the hotel with me all weekend and getting pictures of our conference and Eli and I ... but most of the time I was toting around a diaper bag/pushing a stroller/ and the ipod didn't get pulled out. Ah well!

The KidMin conference has been great, though! On so many levels ... when was the last time Eli and I got get away alone (okay, a 5 month is with us - but he can't talk!)? It was a long time ago! Being in a really nice hotel, getting to be around wonderful people who love kids and youth like we do, NOT having to clean house/do laundry/etc!, and just be refreshed with amazing worship, great speakers, and time to spend in quiet times myself. That, my friends, has been priceless! And we have meet so many great people. It does help that Matthias is like the happiest baby on the planet, and just smiles and gurgles back at EVERYONE who stops to smile at him! It has made us very popular people around here ... helps when the conference is all people who love kids! Now, if he would just sleep a little better at night ... but that's another story!

But what I was thinking tonight, I can't believe that it is September 30th!!!!!! I will wake up tomorrow morning and it will be October. Fact. And kinda scary. But I saw it all the time to people: I love fall time soooooo much, and because of that, it goes by too fast! I love fall leaves, pumpkins, fall candles, the pumpkin patch, fall baking, fall crafts, Harvest Party, etc., etc.! I love the promise of Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner! And so I must resolve to really enjoy each day, because I can too easily get caught up in daily "stuff" and enjoy the fall time!

My friend Tracey posted a fall bucket list on her blog - I haven't created one of those yet, but thinking about it. That might help me keep the fun in fall, and keep us enjoying the fun things that only fall can bring! Pumpkin baking is definitely high on my list = )

Anyway, my dad is calling me to check in. Enjoy the last few minutes of September and get ready to enjoy October! Find something fun and fall-ish to do!

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