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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Halfway Thru

the week already! Seems crazy, yet each day this week has been full, full, full. All three boys are currently in bed, and I am hoping to (once again) head there soon. Eli is finishing up running Outstretch, so perhaps I'll still be awake when he gets home? = ) We'll see ... for Outstretch tonight they are doing an outreach night. So cool. On our "main" downtown street, Massachusetts, is a beautiful old building built in 1910. Built to be a Masonic Temple - which is was until about 11 years old. Closed down, and been closed up ever since. And now a church plant, Greenhouse Culture, is leasing the building! They are currently working on renovations, new paint, cleaning up some really yucky things left behind by some homeless who apparently occupied the building at one point, and getting it ready to house a church! So, our teens are down there tonight, helping to haul out old wood scraps, clean things, and assist them in any way that we can. I went in there for a bit with Matthias ... I have ALWAYS wondered what the inside of that building looked like! When it was the Masonic Temple, the general public wasn't allowed inside, and then it was boarded up. It is pretty amazing and beautiful. Neat to see a piece of history being transformed. Now people will be welcome to come in and view it!

A few highlights of the past two days:

Jonah: yesterday morning I headed to the basement for a quick workout on my own. Jonah wanted to join me - which I was all for! He was definitely a hard little worker, although he used my TRX for swinging in ways I could have never imagined! Little monkey ... isn't the headband just great? The only issue is that I can't seem to find them when I want them, because a little towhead has been wearing them around the house.

If you have a local Hy-Vee store, AND you are on Facebook, LIKE THEM! I "like" both our local Hy-Vee stores, and each day they run a deal of the day! I was super excited because yesterday's deal at one of them was half off everything in their HealthMarket bulk bins! Score! Eli willingly was the errand runner after dinner, and called me as he scoured what they had. I really wanted lots of quinoa and bulger, and of course, at half off, we picked up a few other things to try!


This morning the boys were playing Legos, and I was sitting on the couch feeding Matthias, watching them. It was early, they were still in jammies and hadn't yet eaten breakfast. Just playing. I was mostly listening in on their conversations or somewhat zoning out = ) Either one. I don't even really know exactly how they got to where they ended in their converstation, but Reuben seriously stated to Jonah: It's a hard life, Jonah ... it's a hard life.
Jonah started laughing, and I did too, which offended Reuben who indignately told us to STOP LAUGHING because it IS A HARD LIFE SOMETIMES.
Ahhhhhh, they are always listening, aren't they? I think that Eli and I both often jokingly state when Matthias is crying: It's such a hard life, isn't it? Since he is fed, dressed, and cuddled all the time - all needs met! And Reuben, I guess, has taken that statement seriously. He must be thinking his little life has been hard of late.

Perhaps it has been ... but it is self-inflicted. If that little three year old would obey even h.a.l.f. the time, his life would be much easier! But, he is still pushing pushing pushing those buttons to see how much he can get away with. Sigh.

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