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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

We're a travelin' Family

Sort of. = )

Monday we headed out in the morning to Branson, for a quick family getaway! Much needed for us. We drove first to Springfield, where the boys and I hung out while Eli went to class at seminary. We went to a park, and the dorked around Wal-Mart for awhile, before parking in the parking lot at the school for a nursing session for Matthias while the boys watched a show in the van. And once Eli was done, we headed the rest of the way to Branson!

We had friends staying there all week, and we joined them for a couple days at the same condo location. The boys got to go fishing, Amy and I got to have down time with the babies (her little girl is two months older than Matthias), we ate meals together, etc. It was fun! And yesterday we spent time in Silver Dollar City together. We had to leave the park earlier than expected because of a rainstorm and lightening spotted, but we still had a good time! Since we have season passes, it didn't feel like a big disappointment, and they had two-day passes, so they were going to go back today or tomorrow to enjoy the park. (I'm hoping to go back in November for Christmastime in the "City"! The boys will LOVE it! We're such Christmas people ...)

Then we headed right back home last night! Whew! Busy three days, but worth it. And now we're already re-packing up for a conference for Eli and I to attend. Thank goodness for amazing family that is going to keep the boys busy and taken care of. We don't normally travel much at all - and it's all getting crammed together within several days! I'm sure once it is all done, I will really be thrilled with the feel of my own pillow and bed!

Anyway, lots of memories and pictures tucked away. I'm hoping to post more over the weekend, possibly = ) But these pictures of Reuben and Matthias traveling on Monday were too cute:

Teddy is a good travel partner!

See Mommy? He loves to sit with me!

Hi Mommy!

Keeping him giggling and laughing was pretty easy!

The boys all did great traveling! I saw in the middle of the van, mostly, so I could keep handing toys to Matthias, and keep the other boys busy with toys and snacks as well. Sooooo thankful for that minivan during these times!

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