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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Matthias - 4 1/2 Months

Ahhh, Matthias. My cutie. At four and a half months, he is laughing, giggling, and smiling away. He is grabbing at all kinds of things, and just starting to notice food. Oh yes, Mommy, why is that going in your mouth and not mine??? Can't I just have a taste? Soon ... but not quite yet. He likes to play with his play yard - for awhile; and sit in his bouncy seat - for a bit; but he would much rather be standing in my lap, getting tickled or getting talked to! His little face lights up with Jonah or Reuben come to play with him (although I am forever attempting to keep him from getting loved so much he might not survive! I stopped Jonah from jumping over him the other day, because he likes it so much, Mommy! Yes, but I nearly died from shock when I looked around the corner).

Matthias is good at smiling back at people, and making friends. He wants me to carry him around the house so he can inspect all things that we are doing. That makes homeschooling a bit tough, but we're working on that! He rolls from front to back, because why on earth would you want to stay on your stomach for long? He almost rolled from back to front yesterday, but then I think he realized where he would end up, and quickly returned to his back. He whacks and flails his arms like crazy when he gets excited about something ... and sometimes just puts his little hands on my cheeks and stares at my face as if he is trying to memorize how I look. He chews on everything and drools even more! And when he is fussy or drooling, we just blame it on teething, although no teeth are in sight. After all, he IS teething, because at some point teeth with come in! Heck, he will be teething for years = )

At four months, he was 15 pounds even ... my biggest baby yet! He is actually a bit chubby, which is a first for us! We love those little chunky baby legs = ) And although I hate to say it - it IS going by so fast. Now, it doesn't feel like that when I'm up for the third time of the night ... but overall, the baby days are flying by, so I try and enjoy this pre-crawling stage where he still wants to be in my arms, not begging to be put down to explore quite yet. He is a sweetheart!

Hi Mom! Why you got that big black thing in your hands?

Argh! Tastes so good!

So good, in fact, that I must ATTACK it!

Ooooohhhhh, two things to chew on ... what shall I choose?

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