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Friday, September 21, 2012

Oma Blessings

Another week has flown by - and this week, for some reason, really does seem like it went by fast! Eli's schedule has been packed with meetings and what-not, and I had many requests to train at the gym, so we were both BUSY! Add in some homeschooling, baby-taking-care-of, grocery shopping, housecleaning, and general BushelofBrooks life, and well! Yes! It went by fast! But good. Good, excepting the fact that Matthias had to have shots today. That is never a fun event. Fortunately for me, he did exceptional when getting the shots (normally I have Eli do the dirty work on that one!), but he ended the night being a little fussy and only wanting to be held. Here's hoping that he just wants to sleep it off, right? = )

One of the most amazing things about my days is my mom. Oma. Oma = grandma in Dutch - just FYI if you didn't know. My mom works two hours in the afternoon teaching math at a small Christian school just a few blocks away from my house. And most days of the week, she stops by MY house on her way to work. For about 20 minutes. But the purpose of that twenty minutes is to sit with Jonah and help him accomplish 1-2 school subjects! "Just to be a help to you" she often comments. Seriously? I can't figure out how to explain to her how much this means to me. I can either feed Matthias in peace, try to spend a few minutes with Reuben, or just straighten up my kitchen and dining room table! All without trying to occupy Jonah - who wants to be occupied with something c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y. Jonah adores Oma ... and although the first week he gave her a bit of trouble, he now waits for "Oma to get here!" I get asked when she is coming, if she is coming, etc., many times during the morning. Such a blessing to me! I captured a couple pictures of them the other day, because I want to remember this, and it will be fun for Jonah to look back on this memory:

Handwriting is much more fun when Oma makes it fun!

 Another great thing about this busy week was this:

Quinoa. Yes, I have mentioned my love for this before! This was actually the first time I had cooked with the red quinoa - and I like the nuttier flavor! I was going for simple, here. So, I cooked it, threw in a chopped avocado (29 cents at Aldi!), some steamed broccoli, and about a half cup of salsa. Simple, but delicious. I could have made my own dressing, but really, I was going to for easy, and I didn't have any limes or lemons around to help out the citrus flavor I would have needed. Super good! I actually really liked it warm right when it was all mixed together, but it has been equally good scooped right out of the fridge the past two days.

Eli won't touch it with a ten foot pole - mostly because he despises avocados - but when I'm making lunch for the boys, this has been MY lunch, and I'm perfectly happy with that!

And now Friday draws to a close! I'm ready for a weekend! Time to catch up on house work, let Eli get some more much needed study time, and have a family birthday party tomorrow night!

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