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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, September 17, 2012


First Day of Preschool
 Isn't he adorable? I might be biased ... just a little, but this guy just makes me smile!

Hard to believe that Reuben is three years old and heading off to preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings ... just like Jonah did two short years ago. We debated sending Reuben - but ended up deciding that the financial investment was worth it to us this year. Jonah LOVED preschool, and it was extremely helpful in him learning to be obedient to other authority figures, learning how to share and make friends outside of family members, and just plain fun! (not to mention that preschool art projects are WAY better than this non-creative mom can come up with ... I so enjoyed hearing about art!)

Reuben is actually going to a different preschool, because Jonah's didn't offer two-day programs anymore, and Reuben ended up getting to be in a class with his cousin this year. Yay! Win win situation for us. And the drive is such that Eli is able to take him to school most days, with me doing the pick up run. That helps not having to run out there twice in a short time frame.

I wish that I could be a fly on the wall, to see how he acts. I've mentioned plenty of times how full of energy and will little Reubs is. I asked his teacher last week when I picked him up how he has been doing (all three days he has gone), and she smiled and said, "Good, boy is he energetic!" Yup. Him in a nutshell.

I have yet to decorate his school bag - which apparently, ALL moms are suppose to decorate their three year olds' bags extremely cleverly. Hmmmmm, I can hardly believe that these little kiddos really care so much about what their bags look like. Seems more like a mom-deal to me. Hence the reason ours hasn't been decorated. I might delegate the job to Eli - something camo would be just great = )

This is the awkward "Daddy is making me pose for a picture" smile = )

I do hope it ends up being something special and great for him. I know being in the middle can sometimes be tough. Jonah is getting lots of attention because of the homeschooling focus, and of course, Matthias just ends up getting attention because he has to be fed and watched a bit more. And Reuben more easily plays alone, which is great, but sometimes I see him watching me work with one of the other boys, and can tell he has a wistful look on his face. That is the challenge of having multiple children! I include him as much as I can, and can't resist his arms reaching for extra hugs at night and after rest time ... but he is so proud to get to "go to school" like Jonah did. So, he gets something that is just "his" right now, and I am grateful he gets that opportunity.

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