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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We left Sunday after church for a little getaway to Branson. Our classic vacation location. = ) I've been going to Silver Dollar City since I was probably in my mother's womb, so it is only fitting that Eli and I take the boys back to a family friendly, easily-driveable place! Add to it now that our dear mentors and friends, Pastor Stan and Allison, now LIVE in Branson, it's hard to stay away!

It was a quick trip, we left Sunday afternoon, and returned Tuesday evening. But, the last time that Eli took any vacation days, we were adjusting to life with a newborn, and he was finishing finals for the spring semester. Not exactly "vacation". So, we went away for a couple days, to get away from phone calls, house projects, house cleaning, and such, and to enjoy some much-needed family time.

Soooooo good! I was a bit nervous about how good the trip would be overall, with traveling with Matthias. But, he was a little trooper! Great in the car, great in the stroller, happy to be outside, and even slept pretty good there! That made it soooo nice! And Silver Dollar City has nursing rooms, another bonus! I could hide away for half an hour, and Eli would run the boys around on some rides, and then we would meet right back up.

Daddy and Reuben riding the classic carousel

It was great to see the Nichols, and fun to watch the boys have the time of their little lives! Jonah often comments that Silver Dollar City is his "favorite place in the whole wide world!". So, the enthusiasm to go was not lacking at all (he woke up at 5:30 a.m. that Sunday, ready to leave ...).

Our littlest traveler ... covered from head to toe from the sun!
The boys!
The first day we didn't take our camera, because we were already packing around a double stroller, diaper/snack bag, Bjorn, water bottles, etc. So, we just took a few the second day. But, still have such wonderful memories! Reuben was finally old enough to ride the little rides all by himself, so he was so proud to stand in line with Jonah - and not us! Jonah was all about racing around to his favorite places, and begging for treats = ) I got my favorite kettle corn, and Eli got to pick out a new handmade coffee mug. I love going there ... and since we weren't able to make it to California to visit family this year because of plane ticket costs, we can make these small trips to Branson to getaway, but not break the bank.

Daddy and Reuben relaxing on the porch of the taffy shop

Two little boys!

Can't wait to go back, but it was also so good to pull in that driveway last night and sleep in my own bed!

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