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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Farewell To May

May has been one busy, crazy, wonderful, tiring, and great month. Lots of memories, times with friends, times of feeling so tired I couldn't function, moments when Jonah and Reuben cracked me up, falling more in love with our little Matthias, and lots of spring weather! Can't wait for summer, but May has been so, so good.

The hard part of May ... Jonah's best friend from two years of preschool moved away last weekend to Minneapolis. Jonah spent part of the morning Tuesday crying on the couch - missing Aaron. Hard for my Mommy-heart to see him grasp saying goodbye to a friend. Here they are together at the preschool party.

 Argh, Matey! Daddy got a pretty cute picture of our littlest pirate!

My sister in the middle, myself on the left, and a wonderful friend, Amy, on the right! At a friend's house for a fish fry and "hangout" last weekend! It was soooooo fun!

Matthias HAS started smiling - but one day thwarted all Eli's attempts to get a picture of his little grin. Rather, he kept crossing his eyes trying to focus! Ah well! Silly faces  = )

At the photo booth at the preschool party ...

And my little munchkin - getting stronger every day!

Of course, May had sooooo many other good memories. And we can't wait for June and all the great times we will have this summer. Next week we are heading to some friends' house in Branson for a couple days away ... much needed!

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