A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, June 30, 2012


We are so blessed to have wonderful cousins on both sides of our families for the boys! They love each and every one of them.

A couple weeks ago, we headed to my Uncle's house, where my parents are currently living while they build a new house, to swim in their pool! It's definitely a perk for all of us while the house is under construction! = ) We met my siblings and their families there to grill for dinner, swim, and celebrate a few birthdays. With families the sizes both of ours are ... there are ALWAYS birthdays to be celebrated!

And reminded me how blessed my boys are to grow up with cousins. Jonah has a cousin one year older than him, and they are great buddies. Reuben has a cousin about 1/2 a year younger than him, and although they still are not so fantastic at playing together - I am confident they will get there! I remember putting out many little disagreements between Jonah and Ben - and now they just run off and play together for however long we are at the other's house. Reuben and Nathaniel will make it there ...

And Matthias is even going to have playmates! Selah was born five weeks before him - and I am so EXCITED for when they start crawling together and growing up so close in age! And my little sister's baby will be born in August - still so close! The three little musketeers of 2012.

Love love LOVE that they get to play together, grow up together, snuggle with Opa and Oma together, and just all be in the same family together.

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