A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, June 15, 2012

This week ...

I heard a crash coming from a bedroom, I was sitting, nursing, in the living room on the couch.
"Jonah, what was that?"
Um, right.
"Jonah, what was that sound?"
"It was nothing, Mom!" In as cheerful a voice as one could muster.
"Jonah, I'm not angry. I just want to know what that noise was, if you are okay, what happened?"
"Well, I ACCIDENTALLY moved my arm somehow, and it somehow ACCIDENTALLY swung around in a big circle, and then my arm ACCIDENTALLY whacked the white shelves, and then the laptops (toy ones) ACCIDENTALLY fell onto the floor! But! I'm okay ..."
I just found it amusing that he felt the need to reassure me that all actions were, in fact, "accidental", including the movement of his arm.

And earlier today, Jonah, Reuben, and I were talking about names. Everyone's names. Their full names, etc.
Jonah: My name is Jonah Willem Brooks. Reuben, do you know what your long name is?
Reuben: Reuben James Brooks. And my daddy's name is Eli (E-why) Brooks (Bwooks). Actually he is Pastor Eli.
Jonah: You're right, Reuben! - this is exclaimed in a very "teacherly" tone. Do you know what Mommy's name is?
Reuben gazed at me for a moment, then smiled: Yes, it is Aunt Elisa (E-wisa).

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