A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Love IS there, right? = )

I feel like the boys have been fighting like cats and dogs this week. Reuben has figured exactly how to "push" Jonah's buttons ... and is pushing away! Even this morning, for no apparent reason, he grabbed Jonah's paper airplane and crumpled it up. Right in Jonah's face. The power struggle. The lessons of authority. The desire to be in charge. The hope to be better, bigger, than the other. And Jonah retaliates, of course! We're working on coming straight to Mom when a struggle starts, or trying to work it out themselves. Working on it. = )

But then, there are still the times when they are best of friends. They sit and play with figurines and jungles, and strings, and animals ... for hours. Happily. Laughing at each other. Giggling away in their room. Those times make me smile. And remind me that the best present I gave my boys is each other. Hopefully they will all long outlive Eli and I - and will have each other, have their siblings to lean on, to grow with, to fight battles with. My siblings are my rocks. There through thick and thin. We're there for each other no matter what. We understand the others' quirks, and can just shrug our shoulders at them and hug the other anyway. And we'll be together - Lord willing - many, many more years. So, as my boys quarrel and argue, and laugh and play fight together, I often pray they will be that for each other as well. Even as boys and later men, they will have a deep bond with each other.

They requested this picture of them together:

I think I will look back on it often!

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