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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Missing Aaron

Jonah had a wonderful friend, Aaron, that he went to preschool with for two years. When Jonah was just three, and very nervous about being away from Mommy, he met Aaron and they were two of only six kids in a sweet little three year old preschool class. Then they were together for the second year of preschool. Aaron and Jonah, for whatever reason, just clicked. They played well together. They looked forward to seeing each other at school, and often wanted to spend an afternoon at the other's house. I never had much trouble with them not getting along ... they enjoyed each other's company so much!

Jonah often told me that he just "loved Aaron" and they were best buddies together.

And this May, Aaron moved away. Aaron's dad found a better job for their family several states away. Back where they had originally lived before moving to Lawrence a few years ago. They were excited to go back to friends ... but Aaron and Jonah were sad to realize that they wouldn't see each other again. We had playdates their last couple weeks together, and they were always hugging each other when someone's mommy came to separate them!

And now Aaron is gone. And I didn't realize HOW MUCH Jonah had loved Aaron and how deep their little child-like bond was. He cries about missing Aaron nearly every few days. My mommy heart breaks as he experiences the loss of a relationship. There is not much else I feel like I can say to help him. We pray God will bring him another new friend that has time to spend playdates with him. I tell him that losing friends is really hard, and it's okay to be sad. And that there will be other friends. And I pray that another good friend will come along for my little boy. And ask my mom for advice on anything else I can say to him, besides hug him more, and tell him how much I love him, and that I am sorry.

I remember friends moving away as I grew up ... but can't remember what helped the hurt heal. Any suggestions?

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