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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Girls

Last weekend a bunch of our youth group girls met downtown for a "girls outing". We had lunch at Noodles together, then we sent them out on a photo scavenger hunt in three teams, and then ended the afternoon at Sylas and Maddy's for ice cream! It had seemed like lately, the guys had done lots of fun activities, so the girls were wanting a turn! We have two amazing volunteer girl staff, Becky and Jordyn, that lead a weekly Bible study with the girls, and are there on Wednesday nights and such. With my three little boys, I am not always so available to get together with the teens, but we coordinated this event so that I could be there, and we could connect with everyone!

It was sooooo fun! I was amazed at how fast the girls flew through their hunt, racing to be the first team back - on a REALLY hot day! Lunch was fun, and ice cream cooled everyone off at the end. You never know exactly what turnouts for events like this will be, but I think there was about 18 of us total, which is great! These teens are amazing young women, and I love every minute I get with them!

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