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A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy 4th! (Belated, of course!)

I seriously intended last week to complete several blog posts - too many memories and pictures I want to get up here before I forget them! But, for some reason, the week felt crazy busy, and free time around the house was spent cleaning the house, rather than on the computer. = ( Maybe this week, right? Ha! One can hope ...

But our 4th was great. We had brunch and swimming with my parents and family, time at home in the afternoon, and the evening with friends and some of Eli's family at his sister's out in the country - which meant the boys got to shoot off some small fireworks. THAT made the boys very happy. Mommy headed home early with the baby to attempt a normal bedtime routine. Family time is always good! But, a holiday in the middle of the week almost felt like a tease, and set our schedule off kelter. The boys stayed up so late on Wednesday, that Thursday and Friday were pretty cranky days, so I attempted to keep them low key.

Anyhow - we did attempt to get a pic of the boys - Matthias had a "1st 4th of July" onesie from his great-grandma that we wanted to capture so we can send a picture to California. Lots of hilarious ones, and a couple where they look semi-decent ...

Love these guys!

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