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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, December 30, 2013

Everyday Occurrences ...

I most often just leave the bathroom door open while I shower in the morning. The boys are home with me, and invariably, if I close the door, Matthias stands outside it THE ENTIRE TIME, knocking and crying "Mama Mama" over and over again.

However, if I leave the door open, he trots in and out, sometimes peeks around the shower curtain to make sure I'm in there, and is generally happy.

I prefer this.

A couple weeks ago, he must have decided that Mommy's showers were boring. Because suddenly a rubber ducky was tossed in the side of the curtain. And then a floating chipmunk. And a little cup. Oh, and a rubber bath ball. All the while, a very pleased one year old, grinned at me each time, saying "Thank You" as little bath toys are tossed around my feet.

But really? This is still much better than a screaming child outside the door, so what do you do?

But last time this was going on ... a toy comes in. "Thank you, Matthias", I dutifully responded while washing my hair. A few more follow in its wake. A happy little boy "helping" Mommy. And then? THEN?

A plunger.

Yup, toys just weren't enough. Over the side of the tub he hauls over the toilet plunger.

People! Not in my shower!

After yelping at him that "No No! That is NOT for the bath!" I finished up as fast as I could to put it back somewhere in which his little hands could not grab = )

These truly are the strange occurrences in my house - e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.

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