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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Willems-y Christmas

Jonah, Ben, and Reuben
Because of some of the family having to work yesterday and today, and because my parents are amazingly awesome about being flexible for when we celebrate Christmas, we celebrated with my parents, siblings, kids, etc., on Sunday afternoon.

My dad and the littliest, Ellia
It was great! We woke up that morning to some amazing snow that fell all night, dug ourselves out to go to church (well, Eli dug us out), after church, Matthias got a good nap, Eli and I finished wrapping some presents, and once everyone had some down time at home, we headed over to my parents' house!

Mataya in her new hat
Isaac with Selah
We operate in the same style as I remember from being little: one person opens at a time (theoretically), from youngest to oldest, and we repeat, opening one present at a time until we're done. Seems like that could take all day with such a big family, but it really doesn't. Starts out very fairly organized, and gets a little chaotic by the end, but we're all having a good time! And really, considering the amount of children until the age of 2, very few meltdowns.

We had lots of good food to snack on, and it was nice to spend a few hours with just our family, holed up together in a warm house. We re-lived a few funny family memories, and created some new ones.

The most beloved Elmo
I enjoy spreading Christmas out. If every single family event was crammed into one single day, not only would it be exhausting, but it wouldn't nearly be so enjoyable as Christmas is for us! One Christmas on Sunday, one today, and two tomorrow. I think it works out just perfectly.

Eli and I, my brother J.J. and his girlfriend, Olivia
Grace, Selah, Adrienne, Dad, and Hannah

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