A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, December 16, 2013


It doesn't seem like it was already weeks ago that we were doing this:

Putting up the tree.

And now? Now it is less than one week until we celebrate Christmas with my immediate family, and only days after that it will be Christmas DAY. Yup. We're there. Totally there!

The boys are counting down ... Reuben tells me everyday "You're going to love my present, Mom". = ) He can hardly keep the secret - but so far, no details have emerged. Jonah looks at his calendar each day: "Mom, it's only ___ more days until Christmas at Opa and Oma's house!" And Matthias, well, he is just quite thrilled with himself that he can say "cold", "snow", "Mama Bye-bye", "Dada Bye-bye" and a few other new words that have popped out of his mouth. And of course, "TREE!!!!" with excitement, nearly every morning, when he comes out of his room and sees the tree lit in the morning dark.

I'm working on projects and the very last few presents - thank goodness there aren't that many of them! I will be baking some at my mother-in-law's house tomorrow morning, and today I made these snowballs for my clients at the gym. A little healthier treat. Although I love to make over-the-top treats as well, handing them out to clients who are putting in their hours to stay in shape right now doesn't work! But, these are pretty tasty! (I do have one such indulgence to share tomorrow as a post)

We have had a Christmas program, decorated Christmas cookies with the boys' little buddy, and taken care of a sick Matthias. He had a hand/foot/mouth mimicking virus last week, and decided that he wasn't going to sleep on top of being miserable. So, the nap times that normally give me time to clean, organize and homeschool were woefully short, and both Eli and I had four nights of minimal sleep being up with him. Thank goodness it wasn't long-lived, and my ornery little boy is back in action.

I hope the next few days are filled with just as much crafting, caroling, baking, and Christmas-y things!

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