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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Wrap-Up

Christmas Eve morning, with stockings laid out
Seems like I shouldn't leave the last Christmas memories 'til 2014. I want a clean slate tomorrow = ) Sort of. Not being much a resolution person, I'm working on that one still tonight!

Hey, excuse the early morning faces!
Anyway, we had Christmas at home with the boys on Christmas Eve morning. Simple and fun. We do stockings, and a few presents for the boys (Um, I sewed Matthias' stocking the night before! Nothing like waiting 'til the last minute!) We have big families, so we don't spend a lot on the boys. They will get other presents, AND they don't need super expensive toys. We watch for clearance deals, and bought the boys' their presents in September, when Eli found some great Lego and Nerf clearance at the small Wal-mart here in town.

We woke up and enjoyed our morning, reveling in fun toys and gifts (and a couple surprise gifts between Mommy and Daddy - he got me this year!), and then spent most of the day at home before the Christmas Eve service at church that night. Opa came over to help build Legos and I worked a bit at the gym for those women wanting ONE LAST WORKOUT before Christmas goodies!

Christmas morning we always head to Eli's parents' house. It is super fun! His immediate family loves loves gift giving. You can just see that they really put thought into it, and we have just a great time watching what everyone gets. We're increasing in number by the year, so this year Jonah and Reuben got a bit bored of gift opening (seriously? right?), because we don't rush it ... I'm not sure if next year we'll have to do some version of name-drawing because it's getting a bit crazy!

Ezra and Grandma
Mommy's cinnamon rolls!
Cheesy face!
Beautiful sisters by birth!
Sisters by marriage!

Home for naptime before my extended family Christmas at my aunt and uncle's house. Again, controlled (maybe) chaos, but still a good time to reconnect with some we don't get to see very often.

And now? Today we ended up taking down our Christmas decorations because all of our New Year's Eve plans had to be canceled because of a sick boy. But, trust me, we made do and have ended up with a pretty fun evening that included costumes, games, toasts, and a movie. We wanted the evening to still give the boys some little memories to tuck away.

I won't be up 'til midnight = ) but you know me, and that is quite alright.

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