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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, January 6, 2014

Another one Bites the Dust

I wanted to post some pictures from mine and Eli's amazing three days away for out 10th anniversary ... but I'm having technical difficulties: which means somehow I can't get my computer to get the pictures off my phone. And I'm not just a techie. Argh! Why won't it?

I'll have Eli help me tomorrow.

Anyway ... another one goes down. Reuben came down with a fever last Monday ... a fever that reappears each day, usually in the late afternoon. But he wakes up fine. Poor guy, his appetite is low, although he still eats some. Add to that he accidentally jumped onto a plug - plug side up. A nice metal puncture right into the bottom of his foot. So, he isn't walking as well. Thankfully, it is healing great. We just have to convince him that he can start to work on walking, which he is scared to do. But the 8th day of a fever???

Matthias ran a fever Saturday afternoon.

Jonah woke up last night with a fever.


Thankfully, Matthias' fever is already gone and doesn't seem to be coming back at all. But, Reuben's flared back up again today, so I had two lethargic boys laying on the couch, and a 1 year old who decided to take every opportunity to be as ornery as possible.

I feel the deep desire to clean and disinfect like crazy, but also feel like I got NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED at all today. Save trying to keep some form of sanity. No matter what I put away, I turn around and five more things are thrown around the floor. Eli has no idea how much it meant to me when I found out he cleaned the bathroom for me while I had to work for an hour and a half this morning!

And so, while I'm trying to get "something" done, I'm also working on a Kansas History project for our homeschool coop for tomorrow. That none of my sick kids can actually go to - but I will go anyway (thank goodness for a helpful grandma!).

Ahhhhhh, I remember a past post about finding grace. Extending grace. And in the midst of seeing what feels like loose ends unraveling before my face - may I just let them go when I need to. Take a deep breath. Refocus. I have much to breathe thanks for as I scrub some stickiness off the kitchen floor, while little hands try to help and others lay tired and watching. I still do have much to smile about. And even as I lay their little heads to sleep tonight, may I find rest in my soul.

And may my phone with fun pictures cooperate with me tomorrow ...

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