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A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Best Way to Say Goodbye

to August, that is.

I'm hoping to say goodbye to temperatures higher than 100 degrees. I had been known to say to multiple people, multiple times this week, "Everything would be perfect if it were just 20 degrees cooler!"

Not that everything really would be perfect, but that was the thorn in my side. Although I got the boys outside for a couple brief times on the slip 'n slide, every time I suggested heading outside - even with water involved - both looked at me like I had lost my brains, and shook their heads. The milder summer was fabulous, and I don't mind hot, but this week of super hot temps just was not what I expected! We stayed cool inside, and I'm not looking forward to my next AC bill = (

I'm ready for fall. Ready for some venturing to find colorful leaves. Ready to pull out the classic fall and Thanksgiving crafts. Ready for even the desire to light a pumpkin or yummy scented candle as we study at the kitchen table together.

We ended August with a great day. Time at home, working on a couple overdue house projects (yay for a new dresser - given to us! - for the boys' room), a fun workout with my friend Lisa, and then a much-loved friend over for dinner.

Kaleb was in town for a wedding, and we got blessed enough to get a few hours of his time this evening. He came over to hang out, get tugged on, eat dinner and dessert, and catch us up on all that has been going on with him. Our whole family, but especially Eli, has missed Kaleb since he moved the beginning of June. "Mr K-Love" was welcomed with a whole lot of hugs, tackles and other little boy antics = ) Thank goodness he can put up with it!

And now I feel like going to bed, reading for a short while, but sleeping 'til tomorrow and welcoming a new season.

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