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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Ending with Smiles ...

Look at this ...

The cutest, right? Three little cousins, all born in 2012, smiling together. I ended up hanging out with my sister at my parents' house tonight for a bit. Both my brothers were there (but they weren't really hanging out with us - they were absorbed in ping pong competition), so little Selah was there also! These three little troublemakers-to-be haven't really mastered playing together yet, but to capture a moment of them all sitting together, smiling back as Aunt Adi got their attention, is a memory to preserve. Ahhhhhh, someday they really will be tearing through the house together = )

I started school with the big boys this week. I felt, for us, we needed a week or two of "easing in" to our homeschool routine. Since we weren't going to leave the house for schoo, their entire routine at home is going to undergo change. For us, I decided to do a first week of 2-3 subjects a day, not too tricky of subjects, to start our brains in the right direction. We'll add in a few more next week, and hopefully be to a full schedule of math.science.history.geography.writing.phonics.spelling.art.etc. by the start of that following week. Whew!

It actually has started out soooooo great! I was relieved. Worried I might be trying to hide in the bathroom because of wanting to pull my hair out. The only real challenge moment was when I mentioned math flashcards to Jonah = ) Not that I'm looking at this too sunnyside up or anything ... we will have our moments, but at least everything started with positive experiences and outlooks. The boys actually asked to start school today, with Jonah proclaiming: "I LOVE DOING SCHOOL!"

Although I know I will get a big bulk done each day during Matthias' nap, I also am working on practical ways to keep him busy while they do some work as well. God dropped an idea in my head on Wednesday, and it has worked wonders. He LOVES to color anyway, but I'm always keeping crayons/markers out of his hands, because it ends up everywhere! Walls, floors ... ugh. Then, suddenly, I realized I had a bit of a roll of huge paper downstairs, and I could tape it over the table, and buckle him into his booster:

He had so much fun! I think he sat there for almost half an hour with the rest of us at the table too (not that I'm thinking it will always work that long), scribbling with pride. We did it yesterday and today for awhile as well. Praise God for that one! He just always wants to be right in the way involved in everything the boys and I are doing. This helped.

Week is ending well, we have a showing at the house tomorrow, and a special workout to head to together ... good time to head to bed.

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