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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, September 5, 2013


I have been known for as long as Pinterest has been alive, to comment that I would not "foray" into the world of Pinterest because I kept hearing people say "I just get on there and end up being on there for HOURS ... and didn't mean to!"

That scared the daylights out of me.

I already have small and sacred computer time. The small amount just got a lot smaller with school starting four weeks ago. Matthias' nap time used to be my "get the boys on an extended project so that I can clean like mad, work on work plans and emails and photos and all that stuff. And for the most part, I was able to keep up with all those things. The house stayed fairly clean, which I really like - I admit it! And I felt like I was more on top of computer work.

Add in homeschooling and the time is smaller. I need naptime to sit on the couch and discuss common vs. proper nouns, teach Reuben the sounds that the letters of the alphabet make, etc. Some school works works great with a one year old running underfoot: other subjects we need more quiet.

And I heard a friend comment: "Pinterest is my brain."


Re-thinking. Re-thinking how I think that I can "remember" all the blogs that had the lessons I wanted to use, the recipes I wanted to try, etc etc etc. Heck, I finally starting using my phone to input all my calendar things and has majorly helped me! So, I got on Pinterest. And h.a.l.l.e.l.u.j.a.h.

I don't have to get stuck on there. But, when I have something that I want to be able to "find again" that I always thought Oh, I can remember that! but never do. I can put it somewhere! Yes, I have certain websites I go to again and again that have recipes and daily life devotions and school ideas that I go on a semi-daily basis. BUT, for those little ideas that I want to save. And my brain is full enough!

Pinterest isn't my brain yet. It's only been a couple weeks = ) But, it has given me a bit of a sigh of relief. Ahhhhhhhhh. I can see something, tuck it away for later, and not panic because I can't find it again. It's waiting for me. I don't have time to get lost on Pinterest, but it's given me more time in the long run, because what I am looking for is now at my fingertips ... instead of lost in my own brain!

On Pinterest.

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