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Sunday, August 18, 2013

First Grammar Poem

I am really excited about Jonah's grammar/language curriculum this year. It is called 1st Language Lessons, and uses poetry, memorization, copy work, critical thinking, stories, and more to teach grammar and correct use of language. We've only just dipped our toes into the book, so to speak, but I'm excited about it. It doesn't start out with loads of copy work, which helps to get a little 6 year old boy to buy into the work, rather than come along grudgingly.

His second lesson in was to begin to memorize a poem. Well, technically, he had several days to continue to master the poem, but he liked it so much, he had it done pretty much the same day. And then next day, he woke up in the morning, proceeded to open his book, get out a notebook and pencil, and copy the poem down himself. = )

It does help that it is about bugs! Once again, I have high hopes for myself, and plan to get a little video of each of his poems. We'll see. At least I will get some, and those will be fun to have later on.

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