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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lil' Boys

When you walk down the hall and see this

your heart just melts. = )

My days are over-full, but in good good ways. I have lost most of the few moments to myself that I had during Matthias' naps in order to work on school with the bigger boys. Some days it feels like a greater sacrifice than others! But, I have found more joy in homeschooling than I thought that I would. The different curriculums and books that I choose have worked amazingly well with both boys, and they are having fun in their work.

Yes, there are definitely the moments when Matthias is holding my leg, screaming because I won't give in to what he wants, trying to explain a math concept to Jonah while giving Reuben directions on phonics work while my mind might be thinking I need to create a program for a client at work. Oh, and have I started prepping for dinner yet? And my brain and body are screaming "OVERLOAD!"

And then there are moments when we're reading together, or suddenly a concept makes sense and a little boy's face lights up. Or we laugh as we're learning about muscles in the body together. Homeschooling is much more beautiful to me than I thought. I expected hard work, and I think I almost expected to slightly dread each day. But I don't. Yes, I get behind on the house, behind on little things, but God has been faithful and has given me AND the boys grace each day.

And heck, we got to take recess outside on the slip n slide today! Whoop!

Trying to enjoy it ... one day at a time.

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